Looks Don't Count
Looks Don't Count ricksanchez stories

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Something tragic happens to Morty, and it's something Rick can't fix.

Looks Don't Count

Morty's POV "Ughh..." I groaned. My head pounded and I felt dizzy. I opened my eyes, but saw nothing. I quickly sat up, only seeing darkness. Why was is it so dark in here? I thought to myself. "Morty, your awake! Good! I didn't wanna -burp- get bitched at by Beth!" How the hell could he see me?! "R-Rick, how are you able to see me?" "...what you mean?" He asked, making me feel stupid. "i-its so dark in here!" Rick's POV What the fuck was this kid talking about. The garage was open, and it was morning. "Morty, open your eyes." I said slowly, like he was stupid. Well honestly, he is, and he knows it. "They've been open Rick!" Oh shit, please don't tell me— "do your eyes hurt, Morty?" Morty nodded slightly, "now that you mention it, I guess they do, yeah..." Oh shit. I'm gonna be in biiiiiiig trouble.

"Morty! Co-uuurp-ome on! Before th-they shoot you!"

Of course, this was a usual setting for them. Running from intergalactic aliens because Rick did something illegal.

"Rick! H-how are we gonna make it out if here?! Th-th-th-they have portal guns too!" Morty said, worrying to the point were tears formed in his big green eyes.

"I have an idea Morty, but you have to stay right beside me the whole time, O-okay Morty?"

Rick pulled out his portal gun and shot it off.

They ran threw the portal, and pointlessly, Rick closed it behind them.

Morty knew where they were.

"Rick! Why are we back here!" Morty yelled.

"Maybe there so s-stupid, that they won't think to -burp- come back here!" Rick responded whilst running.

Morty didn't completely understand, but he didn't put to much thought into it.

Believe it or not, another portal opened behind them.

The last thing Morty remembered was a gunshot before everything went black.

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