Into the Darkness
Into the Darkness harry potter stories

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Set before the Battle of Hogwarts, if Bill Weasley had died during the attack when Hogwarts had taken over. evil!Fleur AU.

Into the Darkness

Fleur Delacour peered around one of the corners of the hall in Hogwarts, checking for people. Once or twice, she found herself rubbing the skin above her dark mark. Stress. That's all it was.

Or so she told herself. She had been doing it for a while, and in her heart of hearts, she suspected that it was because of the bracelet that used to be there. But she shook of the thought.

The bracelet was gone now, as was the one who had given it to her. He was gone. She was doing this for him.

And soon enough, he would be back.

She believed that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had the Resurrection Stone. And if she killed Harry Potter, she would be able to bring him back.

And so Fleur slipped around the corner, and to the Gryffindor Common Room, with red eyes and an iron will.

and I leave you on that cliffhanger. you're welcome. first post on commaful, so that's exciting,,, um, have a good day! -evie

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