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I shared my thoughts, naive and nervous, Opening up with all my wounds

The wind

I shared my thoughts, naive and hopeful, Opening up with all my wounds They barely heard, took all for granted Forgot me in the wild woods

I stumbled drunk on fairytales Burned by apocalyptic glow Wishing to cut my useless heart out Throw it to mad monsters bellow

But then... soft touch against my fingers, As I was dizzy falling in A strong gust caught me with mighty power And put me back upon my feet

It pushed the clouds out of the way then And let the sun rays touch my skin Let them evaporate my tears And calmly whispered in my ear

"Why don't you take your mind off this, Let me show you another road Walk up a mountain, strengthen your legs Lift up your head, make yourself tall

I'll send you rain to wash your hair with, I'll send you snow to numb your pain, I'll make the wildflowers dance wild dances As you keep climbing that rugged terrain

And when you finally reach the summit And stand above the world alone I'll introduce you to gods that roam there And turn all broken things to stone

And then as you will make your way down And greet the people back on earth You'll always feel a little taller Than those who didn't see your worth

And should you face who broke you someday You'll be another person then When you look at them through your new eyes You'll judge if they was worth the pain..."

The breeze passed lightly, softly whistling, And gently spinning the autumn leaves. I didn't see where it moved on to, Perhaps another soul in need...

Left on my own, alone and stranded To raise a kingdom from broken things Nobody answered my distress call My only rescue was the wind

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