Finding Balance: a Monologue
Finding Balance: a Monologue good stories

_poems_ Letting the feels out with some rhyme
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Trying out a rhyme-less style

Finding Balance: a Monologue

Why are my curses heard, but my prayers are not?

Why are the demons so much more efficient than the gods

At delivering results?

Why am I remembered when I wound, but forgotten when I heal?

Why do I spend long years learning the harsh lessons

While happiness only comes in short bursts?

Why is my strength respected, but my kindness is dismissed?

When I show you my weakness

You run

When I raise my voice

You come

You take no interest in helping me

But you are quick to hide behind me

Goodness is a thankless task

The harder road

Don't expect rewards

But it is the only way

to true love

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