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_poems_ Letting the feels out with some rhyme
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It was just a little fleeting glimpse, Like the sunrise from behind the hills


It was just a little fleeting glimpse Like the sunrise from behind the hills

Fleeting moment grabbing at the heart Illuminating all that's in its path

I carried heavy loads for many miles My shoulders sore, my feet are very tired

And when I laid it down to get some rest You were right there to help me catch my breath

The scenery was so hypnotizing From sparkling snow the twisting trees were rising

The shadows on the ground drew masterpieces On endless slopes of those rolling hills

You blend in very well with quiet beauty Reflecting in your kind face it blinds me

I close my eyes and feel your glare still shining Your comforting warm glow is all around me

I know... that it's just a fleeting moment And maybe it will linger for a while

But once I'm rested all I'll have left of you Is memories of that majestic sunrise...

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