Solangelo Memes Part 1
Solangelo Memes Part 1 funny stories

_percy_jackson_ Son of Poseidon
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Thank you @sanainshan for the idea

Solangelo Memes Part 1

thanks for the idea @sanainshan

Frank: Truth or Dare Nico: Dare Frank: I dare you to kiss Will Nico: I thought dares were supposed to be something you don't want to do. Frank: WhAt Nico: WhAt

Teacher: NO you must stay... Nico: Don't worry I have a doctors note Note: I am Your DOcter XOXOXO -Will

Nico: I am the most feared person ever Nico: I am the ghost boy Nico: I AM THE SON OF HADES!!!! Will: Neeks what shirt do I wear the orange or pink? Nico: Not right now sweetie.

Will: This is a crisis.

Nico: I think your brother is cute. Kayla: Ya...After last night when he was on the bunkbed screaming worms are harmless snakes...good because nobody says he is "cute".

Percy: Will, Nico disappeared where is he?! Will: Well do you think I have a MIcrochip on him or something!? Percy: ... You do have one don't you? Will: Yeah hold on.

Will: OMG your sooo cute Nico: NO I AM NOT Will: SO cute Nico: NO I AM NOT I AM THE SON OF HADES, I AM THE DEATH BOy. FEAR ME Will: Omg sooo cute. NIco: BRU

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