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_noushki_ Honestly? Idek.
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i think everyone has insecurities. i mean if you dont, are you even human?? imk.
Hang in there :)


What a hard concept- To see past our imperfections And Fall in love with ourselves

But what even is L O V E ?

Something we feel for Someone who has stood by us through thick and through thin? Someone who never judges us? Someone who understands us?

I'm 14 and frankly I don't know what love is, This is what I believe it is.

And if you really think about it-

Y O U have stood by yourself through thick and through thin.

Y O U know your whole fucking story

From day 1 till death- you have Y O U R S E L F

Y O U understand yourself; maybe not all the time but you will always understand you more than anyone else ever will

So, why do people struggle with l o v i n g themselves?

Why don't they see that they are P E R F E C T just the way they are?

Why do people struggle with insecurities and low self-esteem?

If you don't believe in yourself, who will?

So yes, a 14-year-old who knows everything about the world (sarcasm intended)

Is telling you to L O V E Y O U R F U C K I N G S E L F.


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