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_noushki_ Honestly? Idek.
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It's the spooky season!! What if the air we breathe is a villain?

Haha, everyday they suck me in thinking they can't live without me. Hi, I forgot to introduce myself, I'm the air u breathe. The air u cant live without.

But in reality, I'm what's killing you. Stopping you from immortality. But you dont deserve to live forever because you just believe what you hear, that I'm so necessary. You never thought to question it.

Ok ok now you're gonna be like this is some crazy person pretending to be air, a non living thing. What kinda nonsense is this. But hear me out. What you need is oxygen. I have oxygen, but I have a lot more other components.

And my purpose here on earth is to kill you. I kill you at a very ripe age - enabling you to live till you taste so heavenly- for my family. I kill you and you go to my world.

Where your blood is our wine. Where your skull is our bowl. Where your flesh is our meat.

Now you must appreciate my genius idea. My brothers and sisters bring the worst kind of food, young babies and un ripe beings. When I was younger my sibling brought AN ANIMAL. Oh, you have no idea how disgusting they taste.

Everyone in my world thinks that I'm the best being there and I have to keep it that way. So I'll kill you all when you are ripe enough.

And oh my god, do you have any idea how annoying it is when you die before I kill you?! Your rotting young corpse which tastes disgusting comes to our world.

But when I was like 3 years old, I had this amazing cook. He could cook anything and make it taste amazing-Babies, teens, fathers,mothers.

And even though you've read my story, you'll continue to breathe me in. You'll continue to suck me up your lungs till I kill you.


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