Someone Like You

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I'm just having the feels today...

Someone Like You

by _notlikeothers_

At the start everything seemed so simple,

Like nothing in the world could ever break us apart...

But, things started changing between us

And I never really understood why.

Everyday you would greet me with a different expression

And everyday it only got worse...

We started fighting over insignificant things

And very slowly we started drifting apart..

We thought we just needed space,

So that's what we did.

You started hanging out with different people and I did too.

We thought it was the best for both of us,

We thought we could save our relationship,

But we couldn't have been anymore wrong.

When I think about it now,

I realize that there were some differences between us and maybe that's why it didn't work out.

But I'm glad about everything that happened before we needed space.

And I couldn't have been more grateful than to share my first expirience in love with...

Someone Like You...

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_notlikeothers_Bronze CommaNotLikeOtherPeople🎈
a year ago
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Having fun with gifs...yay!!

_notlikeothers_Bronze CommaNotLikeOtherPeople🎈
a year ago
A little story ... Sorry fro not being active late...

_notlikeothers_Bronze CommaNotLikeOtherPeople🎈
a year ago
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_notlikeothers_Bronze CommaNotLikeOtherPeople🎈
a year agoReply
@galaxyangel234 hahahahahaha lol

galaxyangel234Hello!! My Wattpad: AliciaLynch1108
a year agoReply
🎤Mevermindnill find someone like you ohh and I wish nothing but the best, for you, to, don't forget me, I beg I remember you said "sometimes it last and love but sometimes it hurts instead"

_notlikeothers_Bronze CommaNotLikeOtherPeople🎈
a year agoReply
@bernardtwindwil Thanks again for your very kind words, they really keep me writing!!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
This was beautifully written. The message is a beautiful san message about a relationship that was never meant to be. It is refreshing to see such honesty and reasonableness. Great Job!!