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_notlikeothers_ NotLikeOtherPeople🎈
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Having fun with gifs...yay!!

For Him

by _notlikeothers_


I know you might not know who is writing this, but I want you to know something.

I have been admiring you and realized a few things...

I realized I liked the way your eyes twinkle when you smile,

The facial expression you make when you concentrate,

Your confident but not arrogant,

The color of your hair and eyes,

The pride you hold while you talk,

Your secret love for video games,

And the way your different from all your friends.

I know that you'll probably never see or read this,

So I don't have much to worry about, but just in case you ever do...

I would like to tell you something I have been hiding For a while now, so here goes.

I love you...

Even if you don't know who I am.

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