This is a continuation of Nico x Rock one shot.
This is  a continuation of Nico x Rock one shot. boyxboy stories
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This is a continuation of the last part just refer to that for the description

This is a continuation of Nico x Rock one shot.

Nicos POV My lips brushed against rocks as I bit the last bit of the pocky stick. Rocks lips locked with mine as we met in a kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he put his hands on my waist. We pulled each other in closer than we already were putting more effort into the kiss. that is until we herd foot steps from down the hall.

Rocks POV Nico and i were kissing passionately until we herd footsteps from down the hall, i assumed it was Hajime back with Jyugo. we parted and back up quickly looking at the door, just in time for Hajime to walk in the room dragging Jyugo behind him. Hajime left Jyugo with us and went to retive Uno from the common room.

Nico looked at me and i gave him a small smile. he smiled back at and me and went back to watching anime while still smiling. Hajime dragged uno back into the room and left once more leaving us all together again.

I'm going to be honest the is one of the first fan fictions i have wrote, its probably really bad, I'm open to hear your opions about what i could change or do different. You can message me if you have any seggestion. also I'm sorry its short i wasn't sure what else to add. i might make another once shot though.

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