what we do in our LUNCHROOM

what we do

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Lunchroom is one of the most favorite room in our school. Here's a little description why.

what we do in our LUNCHROOM

A crowd emerged From classes upstairs After washing their hands They all sits here

In this room, biggest in the school Where air is filled with, joyous molecules. Oh, we had waited, for hours four To step inside, the lunchroom's door

We all, me and my friends Find ourselves on a bench Our food in front of us We join our hand.

A voice coming from mic Sing a 'before meal rhyme' Then start gossiping, this and that, Enjoying the food, so good, we ate.

"Did you see the match, yesterday?" "Me and my ma, are going to market on Sunday." And we talk on every matter, that belongs to us From a fantastic toy to every movie characters.

As soon as, we finished our meal, Our lunch box, get sealed And out of room, We go in our classroom But before we washed our hands, As you all did after your meal

May be, it looks a little messy for you But who cares? Food and laugh, we all shares In our, called with love, a lunchroom.

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