The Street Wanderer
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In search of Perfection!

The Street Wanderer

I see him everyday on broken pieces of mirror His pale face, body thin, Eyes sink in tears. Cry of his belly and brain, is all he could hear

Carrying the weight of his shattered dream, His heart beats in the fear Will he ever overcome From this enduring nightmare. Will someday he can see himself, The way he wished to appear?

Lost in these thoughts, every now and then, He moves here to there So the passengers, passing on the street Called him, 'The Street wanderer'.

Sometimes he dives into his memories Remembering how he had come here, Remembering that once he had his loving parents His friends, his relatives, all were there

But he left the home, brought himself alone, To do something for which the world can cheer. And as you can see, he reached nowhere, Shedding his hope with every drop of tear.

But forget! what had happened in the past As this morning, the Sun casts The lights of bright fortune Only he have to follow his tune.

Sitting on a bench That serve him as bed, He takeout his dairy And his pen. Started to jot Whatever in his mind Satisfied with nothing He scratched all, in no time

In that anger, he had on self, He hold his head and yelp. He remembered the words of his parents "Focus on studies, You are not for all this!" Oh, how good, if he follow their instruction At least, he can see his reflections.

Time passed from day to night And he is still, without smile. Sitting on that very bench He pick his dairy, in his hand Turning the wrinkled pages, all scratched. Marking his disbelief on himself.

But this time he is determined And this very night, he have to find The rhyme The very best rhyme.

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