The dark cave

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_my_reflections Every line has a meaning more than words
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The depth of harshness, creates hight of characters

_Nelson Mandela

The dark cave

A cave, so dark and deserted No light, no sound in it There is nothing but a black background Companied by rough rocks around The air has not a single breeze Fear, pain and sorrow, is what I could see

Even my echo when I shout, Didn't return leaving me in blackout For time, long and long I cried, feeling myself alone.

When I finished, I looked around Still, no light no sound I closed my eyes With a deep sigh Tried to seek inside

Slowly but steadily, With the passing time I started to find The reason behind The working of universe And the thinking of mankind Jot all that down in rhyming lines.

And this is how I find myself In that cave, dark but divine

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