On comparing my House
On comparing my House house stories

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I'm satisfied with what I have. Are you?

On comparing my House

Oh Wow ! I said When I see His house, amazed !

A table of marvelous top Companied by, chairs so soft

A couch so so big Bigger Bed with bouncy mattress

Flower pots with carving rich Around modern fireplace

Floor is covered With carpet from Kashmir Wall contain 65 Inches LED screen

Painting are flooded on walls Doors and curtains, thousands of cost.

What not he had Modern and elegant His closets Filled with coats and scents

Everywhere to everywhere Decorated furniture That sparkled in light so bright I wish I could Live such a life

As you see, I was a guest Wanted to stay But he said he needs some rest.

So, when I come In my house With nothing more than A plane table and Dusty couch

Chairs with no soft cushion on it A bed with no soft mattress

I have a simple closet of steel My kitchen, simple and messy There is no bright-bright light No furniture of stylish style

With a sigh, I looked around And the smile, comes with a sound "However it is, It's my own house."

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