My Soul.....

My Soul..... soul stories

_my_reflections Every line has a meaning more than words
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I am thinking about soul for years and this is what I found. Comment what you think about soul, for the poem has second round

My Soul.....

For three years, I'm searching for the scroll That can tell me about my Soul.

Where will it go when I will die? How it makes me alive? I want to find it's origin and end And find why is it send

To take birth as me in this world of lives ? Is there something waiting for me to thrive ?

What I think about my soul Is it should have some magical role As they said, it neither born nor die It is something my inside

But what I find wrong is it's not a burning flame Nor it can play any supernatural games It's me but not my physical state It's something more than they had said!

To be continued.....

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