My soul ...... (Part-2)

My soul ......

(Part-2) spiritual stories

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This is what I have found about soul. Please read upto end. Share what you think about soul in comment. Also read it's first part

My soul ...... (Part-2)

This is the answer I find about 'What is soul?' Hope you enjoy....

The concept of soul is very old It's the difference between heat (life) and cold (dead). Our ancestors asked that we all are made From the elements same

So what makes life moving And motionless dead" It's soul, they said. It's the work of writers like you and me Who made soul a ghost or any magic key.

But what my soul really is, not more or less Then my thoughts, behaviour and edicates It is sum of lessons in my life It's my feelings and believe, my obligations to those I like

It's separate me with all my fellow human beings Despite we all have same machine It's something that world remember after I die My deeds, preserved on my timeline.

This is my journey, to find my soul After which I reached on shore. (Know the truth)

Summary:- I found what my soul is, when I question myself 'Who am I' I find that my existence is depend on three dimensions 1. Physical 2. Mental 3. Spiritual

My body is a bio-machine. I believe if I transport to another body, that body will be part of me, not my previous one. Why does this happens, because, my feelings, my emotions, my behaviour, my memories, my thoughts, my believes and everything lies inside my brain. My body though, shape all these, but it is not who I am.

Same with my mind. If my feelings, my emotions, my behaviour, my memories, my thoughts, my believes and everything are transported to another brain ( after erasing everything inside it), that brain will be my existence.

You see, ones existence is depend on his/her feelings, emotions, behaviour, memories, thoughts, believes and these things control his/her deeds. And sum of all these is ""SOUL"" And there's things are immortal. They not die with you but are preserved in timeline.

Please share what you think about soul in comments. Also read it's first part. Hope you like it.

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