Meaning of Marks in my life...
Meaning of Marks

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What does Marks means in your life?

Meaning of Marks in my life...

Marks are important than your life Marks are important than your dreams Marks are important than relations Marks are important than everything.

Make marks Your life, your dream, your everything Life is a race People lost in blink

Marks tells, who you are Are you good or bad 90% or above Below it is like the death

There's no time to wonder about bewildered things nature's growing No time to rhyme, or write stories Or paint an image your mind is showing.

No one care, of what you did Good sports proves unexplored Or do something, you proud to say it If not marks, you are fail Useless you are, you are pale

"Oh it's sixth, its important dear" Same thing they say in seventh In eighth, in ninth, in tenth they say Be first not even second

You are not Einstein you know You are not Kalam You are not Narendra Modi Nor you are Azad You are not Netaji Bose Nor like Rabindranath Tagore You are not Vivekananda Nor as divine as Buddha

You are not Dinkar or Bachchan Nor you are Robert Frost Who you are you must know A boy of street nothing more

See her, their Daughter Or look at him, 'the' Son How they return the hardship of their parents By the rank, they had earn

Look at our problems Feel those sufferings Why don't you listen you us Earn marks or you will be nothing

Oh dear, we are elders We had sense better than you Marks are the only thing Not make yourself fool We saw the world We feel the suffering Listen to us And leave your dreams

Earn marks or you will be beggar Or may not eligible for that 90% or above Below it is like the death

Will that happens to me?

Beginner though But I know I will write On my own Codes of my life Not for me But for those who don't know What are dreams? And that's a promise I meant to be.

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