Scars~ triggerwarning stories

_moonchild_ stars got tangled in her hair💛
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Scars don't define you


A bruise is tender it leaves me where I was

But a scar always leaves a mark, a mark which deeply wounded my heart Sometimes it's so difficult to hide it

It shattered my life that I can't mend it Brokenness written upon flesh

Every strength of me is falling again You can see the scar visible on my skin

Bottled up with tears that I want to release I want to wash off my crimson wrist

And wish to end everything and start from beginning Don't worry I won't lose

No matter how painful the battle is for me I'll be strong

The scar of weakness that they scribbled on my mind and heart doesn't scare me anymore I'll fight and I'll win and prove them who the better warrior is

Hope you all enjoyed Have a nice day or night and remember to stay amazing no matter what <33 I love you all Royalty babes

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