like the dawn-

like the dawn- poetry stories

_moonchild_ stars got tangled in her hair💛
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Poem dedicated to the moon from the sun <3

like the dawn-

kiss me like the dawn when the light of your sun touches the earth for the first time burning bright tongues of fire and warmth into my heart

it showers the hills with orange, and yellow light waking everyone up as if breathing life into them once more

i'll love you even if my moon has a dark side you'll never reach i'll love you even if when i am awake, you are off to sleep i'll love you even if the only times our fingers touch

is when the world silences as it watches the eclipse kiss me like the dawn

hey guys. this was my first attempt at writing a poem dedicated to the moon to the sun also I will be writing poems about the moon and the sun and all inbetween <3 hope you enjoyed <33


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