Faded Memories~

Faded Memories~ dailyprompt stories

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A poem for the daily prompt

Faded Memories~

You departed from this life Without saying goodbye Without saying why Leaving me behind

I'm sitting here grieving Remembering memories of the past

Wishing I could get them back And pray these thoughts could last

Your clothes and gifts are laying under my bed Filled with memories of years gone by

I'm still holding those faded letters stained with love But now no more tears left to cry

Spring is gone so are you All that's remaining are those faded letters from you

Faded are our photographs Time has never be so kind Leaving creases and folds And faded black and white memories in my mind

A faded picture of you inside my head With a broken heart I go to bed

Wishing everything is a nightmare And that you will come back again All the dreams remained undone

Thousands of stories undiscovered Tears drowned down by the sun But darling you will always be the only one ruling my heart

Hope you all enjoyed Have a good day or night and remember to stay amazing no matter what <33 I love you all Royalty babes

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