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_moonchild_ stars got tangled in her hair💛
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A little personal poem about acne🦋💖


They are like constellations of stars flung across the infinity of my cheeks

they are like suns and moons my face is the cosmos

my face is a blank canvas and they are the paints

my face is the water and they are the ripples that run through it

My skin is my own and they are there. even when i don't want them to be they will be.

just like everything else, normal.

Author's note: I been struggling with acne for a while now and everyday I feel down and upset about it. It makes me feel less pretty and beautiful all the time. But i'm learning to get used to acne because it's a part of me It will take a while but I got it <3

Hope you all enjoyed. I'm writing this poem at night because well this seems weird but I looked in the mirror and saw my face and decided to write a poem on acne. But anyways I hope you all have an amazing day or night and remember to stay amazing no matter what <333 I love you all Royalty babes

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