A little something for my dad
A little something for my dad dad stories

_moonchild_ stars got tangled in her hair💛
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Some things just don't last forever. :(

A little something for my dad

I wish there was a way to see you again Remember all of our memories we had with my sister?

We would make funny stories And tell funny jokes Go to the park for a family picnic

Ride rollercoasters at the amusement park We would do almost everything together

Until you married another women Which left me and my sister shooken You never came back around then.

It's like we were left abandoned Like you didn't even care We would just stop and stare

Thinking about all the fun times That we probably wouldn't ever do again Some nights we would cry Ourselves to sleep

Cuz everything hurted We couldn't express our feelings Cuz nobody understood How much we missed our dad

Hoping he would return But you never did All we can say is we love you

Hope you all enjoyed Have a good day or night and stay safe out there :)

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