You know what?
You know what? friends stories

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You know what?

These two girls...who were best friends lived in a house together...they did everything together They would always argue about unnecessary things and “fight” all the time.....

Until one day,One of the girls was told that she was gonna move away to another country Well...after she moved away,distance made it difficult for them to be "besties" like they were before They always spoke to each other with the help of the internet...but it wasn’t enough

As time went by,the girl who moved away got new friends and the girl who stayed got new friends too....

The girl who moved away regretted every time she fought with her best friend... Because she doesn’t get time to speak to her anymore...

The lesson is:you don’t know what the future may bring(being good or bad),try to argue less with your friends,siblings,parents,etc... But spend quality time with each of them. Talk to them,laugh with them and create memories with them.

Because you don’t know when you will have to part ways with them.... I learnt that the hard way....

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