Who Wrote This? -final part-
Who Wrote This? -final part- stories
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Hermione saw Harry and Malfoy snogging. "Harry! I wished it wasn't true! But I guess you should have been in Slytherin huh?" Hermione yelled.

Who Wrote This? -final part-

Hermione saw Harry and Malfoy snogging.

"Harry! I wished it wasn't true! But I guess you should have been in Slytherin huh?" Hermione yelled.

"Hermione, I'm gay." Harry said taking a breath from all the snogging he had been doing that morning.

"I was your cover up?!" Hermione squealed.

"Yeah." Harry told.

"I hope you go to Hell Harry James Potter!" Hermione screamed, "As for you!" Hermione punched not only Harry but Malfoy too.

"What did I do?" Malfoy asked.

"Stole my boyfriend?" Hermione replied.

"I stole your boyfriend?! Missy, I kissed Potter here before you did!" Malfoy said.

"When was that?!" Hermione questioned.

"A few days ago." Harry told.

"Well you are nothing but insignificant fool little boys!" Hermione told.

"Well...if that's the way it has to be then...it's been nice knowing you Hermione." Harry said.

"You mean Mudblood, Harry, mudblood." Malfoy instructed.

"Nice know you......Mudblood," Harry said.

Malfoy and Harry walked off together hand-n-hand, leaving Hermione to fall to the floor and cry.

A couple days have pasted by, but Harry had separated himself from the rest of the Weasley's and Hermione, so much that even in class he wouldn't talk to them.

Ron felt broken and not whole even if he had put himself in a lose-lose situation, lost Draco and Hermione.

"Hey," Lupin said sitting next to Ron.

"Hey Lupin." Ron replied.

"Harry still not talking?" Lupin asked.

"Nope." Ron replied.

"Oh okay, then." Lupin said sighing.

"Where do you keep coming from?" Ron asked.

"Hasn't he told you enough times?" Harry butted in.

"So you're gonna talk now?" Ron asked with a snarl.

"I found who's been messing up our lives." Harry said. The girl that he had seen was writing in the journal whispering to herself.

"I want it to be back to normal!" Ron yelled at her.

"But I still want to be with Fred." Hermione told.

"Okay, okay whatever you want. Just give me sometime." The girl replied walking out of the Great Hall, "Harry you know where to find me. I'll be there."

"Alright." Harry said.

"So what now?" Lupin asked.

"We go on with our normal day. She said everything will play its way out." Harry told.

In the Great Hall everything seemed normal, before the gayness, bisexaulness, and jealousness.

Ron and Hermione were arguing about something stupid and when Malfoy and his goonies passed by he sneered.

"So this is it?" Fred asked trying to distract Ginny from what George was doing.

"What do you mean?" Ginny asked.

"As in the fan fiction, duh." Fred said and saw that George had completed the prank.

"Oh, that yeah, but it's still up to the writer in how we say out final good-bye's in this fan fiction." Ginny told.

"What fan fiction?" Percy said popping out of nowhere.

"I liked it better when Lupin popped up. Now we've got a slimy backstabbing git popping up!" Ron whined.

"Get over it Ronald." Hermione told.

"No I won't!" Ron argued.

"Why do you have to be so whinny?" Hermione asked.

"Only to you." Ron replied.

"Fine." Hermione said.

"Ronald, I don't think she'll ever hate you, but never love you in a boyfriend way." Percy butted in.

"Shut up Percy!" Ron yelled.

"Well I'm finished with breakfast; I'll be going to class now." Hermione told. She went to go pick up her bulky book bag that weighted a ton, but Harry stopped her.

"I'll get that for you," Harry said smiling, picking it up and slinging it over his shoulder.

"Thank you Harry." Hermione replied wrapping her arms around Harry's waist.

They walked out of the Great Hall arms wrapped around waists and at the entrance, the couple kissed.

"That's so sweet." Ginny said.

"It's gross." Ron said shielding his eyes with his hand.

"Too bad you're not as lucky as Harry there." Fred joked.

"Yeah well, I got Lavender, so no complaining." Ron said.

"Lavender?!" George said making a gagging noise, "I'll never look at her the same."

"She's too hot for you anyways, you couldn't handle it." Ron replied.

"Won-Won..." Lavender cooed, playing with Ron's hair. Both Fred and George laughed at Ron's pet name.

"Won-Won?" George laughed.

"Yes Lav-Lav?" Ron asked.

"Hurry up." Lavender said.

"Okay, okay." Ron replied grabbing the last of his orange juice and getting up from his seat.

Over at the Slytherin table, Malfoy was all over Pansy.

"Draco, are you still gay?" Pansy asked.

"No." Draco said kissing her cheek

"Because I can't date a gay guy." Pansy told.

"I know I know." Malfoy said sighing.

"Hey. Hey kiss her!" Goyle said.

"Yeah kiss her." Crabbe said.

"Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!" the goonies chanted.

"Make them shut up," Pansy complained.

"Alright." Malfoy said, and then slapped both goonies.

"Ouch!" Crabbe yelled.

"Can't you kiss me?" Goyle asked.

"Ew. That's so disturbing!" Lupin said.

"What in bloody blazes?" Malfoy asked.

"I don't know." Lupin replied, "but I do know is that girls ugly. Just like you Malfoy. You two are going to have ugly babies together."

"Lupin! You let Percy get over here!" Ron screamed across the hall.

"I just go where the writer wants me." Lupin said shrugging and then walking out the Entrance Door.

"Lav-Lav, I don't understand." Ron said.

"It's going to be more normal as the days go by." Lavender replied.

"Sure?" Ron asked.

"Positive." Lavender replied.

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