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(Warrriors fanfic) cover made by @imaginarywriter

Chapter 2

Dovestar tried not to act shocked. She acted the same way that she would around any intruder. However, she had not been more stunned in her life. There was another one. He was just like her.

She thought she was the only one. "You're just like me... I thought there was only me..." She mewed. "I've been looking for you forever. Now we've been united." The male purred.

"What do you mean, looking for me?" Dovestar asked. "There's a prophecy. There are two Avilines, one male, and one female. They both meet when they turn 4 years old." The tom-cat meowed.

"My name's Hawk, by the way." "Dovestar, and what's an Aviline?" She asked. "Half-cat, half-bird. A shape-shifter." Hawk explained.

"Why don't I know any of this? If I'm such a huge part of this prophecy then why is this all new to me?" Dovestar asked him. "You follow StarClan. StarClan is trying to conceal this from you.

They have another prophecy, Dovestar. It will take away your shape-shifting ability, and maybe even more than that. The prophecy about us, it will save us." Hawk meowed.

"StarClan isn't like that. They won't hurt someone over a prophecy." Dovestar growled. "You don't know what they're capable of." Hawk meowed.


Snowblossom was a queen of IvyClan, and the mother of two newborn kits, Dovekit and Duskkit. A pack of foxes had invaded camp, and had stolen Dovekit.

Meanwhile, only a kilometre away, appeared the female Aviline. She looked almost identical to Dovekit, with the same white fur.

She possessed the knowledge of the prophecy, just like her male counterpart. The fox that had Dovekit ran past the little Aviline, catching her with its back paw.

She was dragged along the ground for a few brief moments, before being flung into the air, onto a rock. At that moment she lost all memory, including the knowledge of the prophecy.

Dovekit was killed by the fox, but her mother found the Aviline, mistaking her for her daughter. The Aviline became a part of the Clan, and no one knew that she wasn't really Dovekit.

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