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_luna_ ˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙ǝɯıʇ ʞɔɐq uɹnʇ plnoɔ ǝʍ ɥsıʍ
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my shadow

Walk aside me my silhouette, for I am alone

Drown me in your tears, for I cease to feel

Blind me with your love for I saw too much

in his mock show of a life; I lost

all I love. In you my dreams sank; my hopes faded

for you my soul I searched; for you

my conscience I sold,

for you all providence I fled; for you

for you a mother, strangled; for you a father, stabbed

killed her love, stained his honor

then why 'o'why this treason?

Tell me with those lips, I so felt

Pray, any good reason!

Slipshod in the ship of life,

With you strong at the helm why any trepidation

You will steer me, was always the notion

all through ocean, all through time.

Like a cruel first light bath on a sleeping child,

you or destiny, woke me up; only to find

a ghost ship ripped of its crew

In the grey solitude of my winter dreams

I stood in the cemetery of broken hearts;

To the tomb of of our love I clung.

My eyes dry, heart cold, filled only with repugnance

on no account for u, but for

the image of who I used to be.

Deserted by all, but one or duality

Alas so cruel or kind the fate. I know not

They said I was their child, I was welcome

To the open doors of my house

To the secure shadow of my dad

To the silent love of my mom.

' Oh lord thy need no assurance,

For u know

the cry of my severed soul

the beats of my sinned heart

the Stigma of my blasphemy

True love from a lover?

I know not what u speak of.

For I have felt it only in their arms, those in

which I grew so so big, so foolish, so wise

wise enough, to tell it to you

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