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In the distance A familiar whistle blows


In the distance

A familiar whistle blows

Calling me home

Imagination begins to flow

Quietly I sit, but I’m not alone.

In the distance

Forest creatures call to their lovers

Hungry unthawed little souls

Patiently waiting, neon light briefly hovers

Intimate courtship, my mind takes a stroll

In the distance

I see my past lives

Chasing misdirected dreams

Clearly now my heart strives

To find the truth or so it seems

In the distance

I find myself testing friendships

Old and new, time will tell who’s really true

Back on track and building relationships

Coming and going, society brews a bitter stew

In the distance

I search for faith and a degree of hope

My own love is a prerequisite

Finding strength, turning down the rope

Life cut short, is no longer in my etiquette

In the distance

I strive for dreams and passion

Reminiscing old lovers

High times, excess in divine fashion

Reluctance and fear, a dense fog covers.

In the distance

I choose to be surround by motivation

Seeking inspiration and cultural connections

A social network replaces delinquent inspirations

Life will throw you temptation, idle deflections.

In the distance

I seek a future of companionship

Common goals, truth and respect

Looking deep into eyes of future prospects

Always wondering will this end in regret.

In the distance

The whistle sounds again

Grounding me in the present

Thankful for today’s win

At peace with me, accepting content,

In the distance

The past slowly fades away

Sun shines down with soul warming heat

We have been blessed with another day

Someday soon a soul mate we’ll meet

In the distance

I dream for the softness of your skin

And the comfort of your voice

Reminding myself, patience won’t wear thin

Happy with now, accepting life as a choice.

And in the distance

I want it all now

Excessive is my indulgence

Fill my river with your love, no matter how

Let’s swim together and conquer the gift of now.

And in the distance

Hidden a way in a whisper is patience

Conscience now calls practicality

Risk speaks of fear and uncertain distance

But in the distance is now, and only a formality.

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