A Magic Ride
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I thought I saw an elephant Bright floating in the sky,
(Tuesday April 23 2019 @ 9:46am)

A Magic Ride

I thought I saw an elephant

Bright floating in the sky,

It must have been that drink I had,

Or some trick of the eye.

But then I saw the moon shine bright,

Much larger than before,

It really was a magic sight

I could not ask for more.

On clouds, he floated up so high,

Attached to his balloon,

With such a hefty animal

It must deflate quite soon.

And then the strangest thing indeed,

He landed by my feet,

So gentle was his slow descent,

It really was a treat.

He looked at me and smiled a lot

And took me in his trunk,

And said “I’ll take you for a ride

I see that you’re not drunk.

Although my colorful balloon

Attracted your attention,

There’s something I must show to you

To rid you of all tension.

For when the moon is on the rise,

And lights the world below,

On high, there is a paradise’

I thought you ought to know.”

To my surprise the beast was right,

As moonshine filled my eyes,

I felt all fear inside abate,

A wonderful surprise.

If you have open eyes to see

The wonders deep inside,

Believe that all is possible,

And take that magic ride.

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