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-exam stress- stress stories
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By mythicalluna

-exam stress-

by mythicalluna

There's a pen in my hand, its shaking

I'm wishing i'm not there

My stomach is churning...rumbling

struggling to fight the mighty stress

As the examiner asks us to begin the exam

I realized....my memory's wiped! !

A flashback starts...the image of books on my desk

A pile so big it would reach the top of Everest

There are so many books filled with information..

How could I fail?

All that work...all that support

I giggled

I looked at the time...

...I'm five minutes into my exam

My ears are blocked

Is the pressure really that bad?

Can stress change the future?

Will it predict my grade?

No, I can't let this happen

I'm so stressed

My brain; it's like living in a freezer...

It's frozen

I'm tearing my hair..pulling it out of my head

I can't bare the stress

But its a situation everyone has been in...

And the only way to overcome this paralyzing stress...

.....Is to face it

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