Omg yall my life is Crazy
Omg yall my life is Crazy what should i do stories

_love_stories_ Lolololol Hope you like my stories
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OMG MY LIFE IS CRAZY but for the people who got to the end do yall think I should...?

Omg yall my life is Crazy

So there's this guy I like and his name is Steven and I've told yall about him before but Like were friends who like each other but aren't dating lmao bc his parents don't want him dating even though they love me and have told me they love me lmfao!

Well so today I asked for his hoodie he said ¨sure ¨ So then I wore his hoodie for a bit and it smelt so good oml! that sounds so creepy but it is so accurate lmao!

Well see I like Volleyball and I play every now and then but today he played

But he only played bc his best friend Carson was playing but I wasn't playing today but you know who was

this BITCH named Joanne who absolutely hates me for NO FUCKING REASON! I didn't even do anything shes just mad because Carson likes my Best friend and not her

But she was trying to flirt with Steven today bc she knew I was wearing his hoodie but tbh she flirts very badly lmfao like she goes

Jo- So I like your shirt, Steven but where is your hoodie Steven- Thank you and I gave it to Chloe Jo- Oh ok well why aren't you over there with her Steven- Because I ain't, why are you so worried about it Jo- Oh Idk

Like BRUH! It doesn't even sound like she is flirting but for some reason, I was so jealous like we ain't even dating and he wasn't even doing anything but like I was talking to my friend and we said

Me- Omg Steven is playing Volleyball with Joanne Zury- Oooo Are you jealous Me- Nah I'm not jealous tbh I don't give a fuck Zury- Mhm sure Me- Im taking his hoodie off its too hot in here to wear a hoodie(Bc it was actually hot lol not me trying to be petty lmao) Zury- No it's gonna hurt his heart Me- No its not he is too worried about Joanne to even care

Zury- So you ARE jealous Me- No I'm not I told you idgaf Elizabeth- Chloe he's not even looking at Joanne he has been staring at you Zury- Yea every time you look over there you see him look away from staring at you so that just proves you are jealous Me- Okay yea I'm jealous but idk why?! Like ughhh

And so like now im just sitting here smell his hoodie bc it smells amazing lol but Do yall think I should give him 1 or 2 of my scrunchies lol like I think that would be cute but idk man my life is crazy dude

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