Her walls.
Her walls. fear stories

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"Her walls are stronger than ever."

By l o s t g i r l

Her walls.

by L O S T G I R L

She's laid on her bed,

and she knows that's where she'll be today and for the rest of her days.

It's not a disease, she repeats

nor a chronic illness putting her deeper and deeper in the subtle warmth present in between the sheets.

She tries to move in the chilly cold of loneliness

however, after a while, she finds herself back inside the hot blur of woolen fur.

Whether she believes or not,

she does suffers from an ancient ally,

In those nights,

when the salted liquid is gushing out of her eyes.

She admits that,

It is an illness putting her down on this same spot.

She thought, she broke down her walls.

But the truth is that stronger were put up the moment she escaped her virtual ones.

So, she soaks the cotton fluff with all her emotions trailing in line from her eyes and wonders if she'd ever be able to escape these ones. Her walls.

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