All about love.
All about love.
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_lost_girl_14a girl with countless stories.
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"A tale of her treacherous heart that fell in love over and over again."


All about love.


Wildest dreams, turmoil of thoughts, her constant pleas

to get an ounce of sleep.

She turned and tossed, stuffed her face beneath the fluff,

the melody of her heart was disturbing her sanity.

she had to eradicate every thought of you.

Starting from your chestnut hair, eyes; a perfect hazel brown. She had to forget and move on. She had to once again not fall in love.

Love so sweet like honey flowing through her veins,

But then it seemed to clog up her brain, soon you were all she thought about, and soon you were poison instead of a thought.

She thought she knew about love,

Never had she experienced it, and still, she believed she knew. It was a toxin that corrupted her body.

Who said betrayal and loneliness hurt the most?

Have you tried being in love with someone that was never meant to be yours? To have them so close to you, to know everything about them, only to lose them in them to the hands of another?

She slowly started to acknowledge the fact that,

Love wasn't for her. She was a tourist spot but never home to anyone. She hated that yet she got used to it.

She was over you but then you came to her smiling yesterday,

and suddenly her heart was on fire and she was overwhelmed by the thoughts of you.

Her heart held both pain and joy,

sadness due to the realization that you belonged to someone else and joy; for slowly she had started accepting it all.

And finally, she realized; you might not be the one

but someday someone will be and even if it doesn't happens, She'll always belong to herself and that is enough to get her going.

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