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*Sexual content* short story of a woman and younger man

The Underclass-Man

He kissed me, gently.. the feeling of his smooth luscious lips drove me crazy. He was an amazing kisser! Our kisses transformed from sweet and simple, to sexy and seductive. My underwear had become moist, but no move had been made. I readily rolled on top of him expecting to excite him enough to remove my panties, but still he didn’t.

I didn’t mind kissing, being that I am what you call a passionate lover. There I was, grinding on his manhood which was now very firm. I was only wearing my underwear and a nightgown, you can say I plotted before he arrived. I could feel everything, his hardness and the size of it. It was big and I was very impressed.

Still kissing him, I began to remove my garments and he did the same. With no contraceptive I put him inside of me, I could feel my wetness I knew he could as well. We’d been anticipating this moment for so long that when he finally got inside my body immediately began to tremble. Satisfied already, yes I was coming, it was beyond my expectations I couldn’t help it!

I wasn’t able to perform how I wanted to, my body was jerking uncontrollably. He flipped over on top of me and gave me approximately the best twelve to fifteen strokes that I’ve felt in a very long time. He ejaculates, and we just lie there for a moment. Astonished, though it was precise I could tell that his sex game was very immaculate. I could not believe what I.. well, we had just done

He was much younger than me, when I met him he was only a freshmen in high school. I was his senior crush. He was always very cute to me, but now lying next to me he was a very handsome grown man.. a grown man who had just fucked the shit out of me.

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