A Nice, Cool Night
A Nice, Cool Night
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_julia_the_ Angst, salt, sass, and obliviousness.
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When I first saw him, it was too easy to confuse. I didn’t think he’d be real, or a damn good ruse.

A Nice, Cool Night

I guess this is where my story would like to begin

The mood was nice, inside was a pleasant din

For my social anxiety wasn’t letting up tonight

The noise picked up, and I looked with fright

In one small corner laid a very drunk man

Who slowly but surely picked up a half empty can

He chugged it down like a thirsty man with water

And nodded goodbye but to me I swear I saw him falter

He looked familiar, like a face in a dream

It was on the tip of my tongue, I wanted to scream

His hair looked soft, a bit shaggy I admit

But his glossed over eyes still seemed to be lit

His face was soft, but dark in a way

It was hard to tell what he was about to say

After the nod, he smiled real bright

And said “farewell to you, on this nice, cool night”

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