Time to wake up
Time to wake up notcliche stories

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Expect the Unexpected. As cliche as that sounds, keep it dear to you, for you dont know what is yet to come.

Time to wake up

I always thought I was a "simple" person.

Until I went home one day and realized I wasn't alone.

Or so I thought...

You see, my parents died a few years back and since then I've never been the same.

I swear I see ghost now that all whisper the same thing "WAKE UP", but i doubt my self all because...

My life before their death seems to have been wiped away, never to be remembered.

Like footprints in the snow on a snowy day. They were once there but now they are just pigments of the imagination,to be covered by what s new to replace the old.

But how will I know what real or not if I don't "wake up".

People tell me to smile. That life can only get better.

All lies.

While it might make me look better on the outside. I feel worse on the inside

Knowing that all of the happiness and smiles back are fake because I am...


Imagine falling asleep in your bed one night, but waking up with bright lights.

Bright lights that invade your line of vision.

You then realize you are strapped down. Unable to move and frantic.

Your vision finally clears and all you see is a man with a mask on and a needle in hand striding towards you.

You start to shake from fear then you feel a PINCH.

Now all you see is darkness.

But you no longer see ghost or hear voices.

Was death your time to wake up?

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