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We all go through our own struggles. The lady you walked past could be experiencing a loss, and the child you walked past could be being bullied. It sucks, all this hatred and this sadness in the world, but a single smile to let them know they're not alone could brighten up their day for a wonderful moment.


Little drops of water run down my cheeks,

"Allergies", I laugh, smiling always through them,

People laugh with me, nodding, they believe me,

And then they walk away and I turn away.

I am left alone with my demons in my hell,

In the darkness, in the fire, in the ice,

Burning me, freezing me, hurting me, killing me,

But nobody knows, because I smile through the tears,

Then somebody looks at me, walks towards me,

I wipe away my tears and put my issues away,

I plaster a smile, right across my sad face,

Pretending that everything is truly okay,

"Are you okay?" they ask, gazing at me kindly,

"Allergies", I laugh, smiling always through them,

But this time was different, they didn't laugh with me,

They shook their head and took my hand and held me close,

"I know you're not okay, and I'm here for you",

"You may not have much hope, so now I'll hope for you",

"Life can be hell, but there's a rainbow after",

"And I can't fix your troubles, but I promise the rainbow".

They smiled at me gently, encouraging me with their eyes,

It's going to be okay, the soft brown colors conveyed,

And more than ever, I just wanted to cry,

To fall into their arms and just let out my tears,

I held them back, hiding my life from the world,

'Cause why would anyone care about such a poor old soul,

But then they hugged me close and whispered in my ear,

"It's okay to cry. I promise that life will get better. I don't know what hell you're going through, but it's not forever. Maybe a hell of a long time, but not forever.

It'll all be okay in the end, and if it's not okay, it's not the end."

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