>>Missing<< part 1

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"Josh will soon learn that some things are best left to the police"

>>Missing<< part 1

He paced back and forward it had been 3 weeks sense she disappeared and right before his birthday that was so unlike her he thought, somthings wrong. He decided to take things into his own hands and look for her himself. He searched everywhere from the dark alleyways to the empty streets, nothing. Feeling helpless and alone he sat down beside the old cherry blossom tree where they use to play

as kids, just then he heard a raspy voice call out his name "joshh" he looks around, starting to get chills "this is stupid stop acting like a little kid" he half whispered "but remember the storys they told us when we were little" it was mayas voice this time he jumps up "MAYA!?" no response. Then after a while of waiting in the freezing night

he started walking home, moms probaly gonna ground me for sneaking out so late he thought. About a block away from home

he stopped to catch his breath why was he breathing so heavy? His brain began to recap everything, everything involving him and maya. Thats when it hit him, that raspy voice he heard was the one maya use to make when she would make fun of the old woman who lived down the street...wait was that maya across the street just now headed for that alleyway

before he had time to think his legs were already moving "maya?" his voice shakinly called unsure he was making the right choice following her like this, but once he got to the alleyway he knew he made a mistake because nothing could ever take back what he just saw. There standing in the middle of the alley was maya leaning over a dead body

holding the pocket knife he gave her for self defense

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