>>missing<< part 3
>>missing<< part 3 feelings stories

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"Josh will soon learn that some things are best left to the police 🚨"

>>missing<< part 3

josh continues crying unaware maya left and someones behind him getting closer by the second

Josh's POV

when he awoke he was safe at home but how did he get there, he began to get up but found himself back in bed as a wave of dizziness hit him and he relieved how much pain he was in.

he heard someone walking up the s t a i r s

it was probably his mom coming to check on him especially after how late he was out last night... thats when it hit him "what was i donig last night" he began to think out loud when he heard knocking

"its me i know your awake so dont even try it" "might as well come in then" the door opens as she takes a few steps in hair was in a messy bun which was how he could always tell she's been stressed out she looked at him with wide eyes "we need to talk"

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