Quarantined Isolation
Quarantined Isolation quirky stories

_fangirl_ I made this acc and forgot bc its dumb
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so um, yeah....I kinda wanted to base something off of our current epidemic, but also make it original and not really related to it...yeah anyways

Quarantined Isolation

The empty hallway is the only thing in your field of vision. Tingles run down all the way through your spine, you can only feel fear. You shudder as you hear the screams of patients, but what is the cause of their distress? You seek not to know, and continue further, still feeling the paranoia creep upon you.

You arrive at your room, but nothing seems real? Is this just a fever dream? Perhaps you won’t tell till morning, but regardless you wait for the doctor to come. You feel start to slightly relaxed by the dumb music playing in the room, but the unsettling does not pass away, for you can still hear the screams.

Before you can even get a chance to see the doctor’s face, all you hear is, “Quarantine ‘em, you know the drill.” Followed by a shrill laugh. The door shuts and it is silent, you are left alone with your thoughts. You check the clock and hours keep passing by extremely quick. It was probably intentionally broken, but who knows. Either way, it helps confuse you even more with the situation.

Weeks, months, maybe even years pass by, you haven’t been able to keep track of time accurately. You haven’t been able to sleep for however long you’ve been “quarantined” and you’re driven to madness. You start having hallucinations daily, and nothing seems real anymore. The isolation is making you inhuman, and something tells you it’s what’s happening to the others as well.

Suddenly, everything goes dark, you’re panting and sweating, “Maybe it was just a dream....” You think, but when you open your eyes You’re still in the same room.

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