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Quotes from Class

by _emotrash_

"Me...llamo...which means...my llama"


"I only know two compliments..."

"You look nice and your hair looks nice...and you smell nice too" -I.

"Yeah, well...you're a Hillary supporter!"


"Thank god none of you can vote"

-M.K. (History teacher)

"Thomas Jefferson was obsessed with mac and cheese..."

"What a weird dude"-M.C.

"Don't let Aaron Burr sneak into your bedroom"

"He wants to be in the room where it happens ;)"-M.C.

"M is my daddy. Her boyfriend is my mommy"


"You know, I'm just gonna assume that I'm right because..."

"I always am and this is a waste of time"-C.S.

"My thermostat keeps leaking!"

-M.C., holding a thermos

"I write about grass all the time"


"You need to dap it"

-R.L. (Journalism teacher)

"I could talk about the time I caught a can of corn"

-R.L. (Journalism teacher)

"You know we have class right now, right?"

-R.L. to a student that walked in twenty minutes late and said he had to leave (Journalism teacher)

"How did Dwayne Wade fit in that tiny box?"



-R.L. (Journalism teacher)

"Do you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain?"


"Everything annoys me"


"How many illegal people do you know?"


"I have an A"

-J.U., shrugging, after being asked if he's worried about college or having a career

"Go suck a dick, little kiddies"




"What the fuck is wrong with that purple cactus?"


"I was refrelthing...WHY"

-C.S., stuttering and lisping at the same time

"Chim chimney chim chimney chim chim cheroo"

H.C. to M.C., with graphite all over his face

"It's the whitest sandwich in existence"

-C.S. about M.C.'s Subway order

"Choose Jesus"

-C.S. while pretending to pull out a Bible


-C.S. trying to say "office"


-M.C. to W.S., who looks just like Eleven from Stranger Things

"Oh my god, you're a wizard..."

-W.S. to M.C. after he perfectly balanced one soda bottle on the cap of another

"If I poured salt and pepper in my eyes..."

"do you think they'd let me go home?"-M.C., holding a salt and pepper packet

"I'm never eating a caramel apple ever again..."

"I don't even want to see an apple"-A.F., coloring in caramel apple cutouts

"How the fuck do you draw a basilisk?"


"Oh my god, we're dressing up as knights!!"

-J.U. and M.C.

"We are the knights who say 'ni'!"

-M.C., wearing a knight costume

"I fucking love Monty Python"

-M.C., still in a knight costume

"The Wolf couldn't have blown down those houses!"

"He had asthma!"-R.L. (Journalism teacher)

"What would I write about the carpet?"

-R.L. (Journalism teacher)

"Share me your doc"

-R.L. (Journalism teacher)

"Gay. I think. That's the full title. 'Gay, I think'"

-M.C. after being asked what his sexuality is

"No. I wanna die"

-C.S. after being asked if she's alright


-M.C. after the sleeve fell off a cup of coffee

"Then you have your Poodiepie, your Markiplier..."

-R.L. (Journalism teacher)

"1000 parts of oxygen"

-N.K. (Science teacher)

"Turn around bright eyes"

-C.S. while spinning in a chair

"Love shack baby"

-M.C., shimmying after hearing the word "shack"

"Shaquille O'Neal"

-M.C., after hearing the word "shack"

"Don't hate the playah, hate the game"

-M.C. after seeing the Spanish word for beach

"Ya wunged it"


"This is like fourth hand applesauce"


"How do you make xanaxes?"


"Someone told me that you can like...make meth??"


"I love you"-J.H.

"I have to sneeze"-C.S.

"You can buy camels. I looked it up"


"Thank you for judging my life decisions"

-M.K. (History teacher)

"You're a camel"


"I'm not a religions teacher"-M.K. (History teacher)

"So you're an atheist?"-N.N.

"You have an eyelash"-M.C.

"Why don't you just get it?"-R.W. "Because I didn't want to touch you"-M.C.

"Let the light come into my eyes and blind me..."

"So I don't have to write this paper anymore"-C.S.

"I'm a fire! I'm a fire! I'm a fire!...PUT ME OUT!!!!!!"


"What a weave"


"Just a Helen of Troy"

-M.C., to the tune of Don't Stop Believing. I beg you. Look up "things that rhyme with coy" and sing it to the tune of Don't Stop Believing

"Just a mehoy minoy"

-M.C., to the tune of Don't Stop Believing

"Like what ISIS did?!?!"-M.L.

"Yes. That is what we're talking about. That's the topic. This entire class has been about ISIS. We're learning about Islamic conflicts"-M.C.

"What religion are they?"-M.K. (History teacher)

"Spanish!"-N.N. 'Turkish!""-S.H.

"I'm deducting your grade"

-R.W. after M.C. put a huge meme for his background on a presentation (pictured here as the background)----It's a picture of Lin Manuel-Miranda from Hamilton. M.C.'s presentation is on Hamilton


-M.C., knocking a Union Jack flag off the table

"I ate a box and a half of cereal today"


"That stuff stinks"-M.K. (History teacher)

"Stop breathing it in!"-B.H. while painting her nails. In class

"50 years of eternal darkness, by Fall Out Boy"


"Oh! It's a lava!"

-S.G. (Second science teacher)


-S.G. (Second science teacher)

"How is that helicopter even holding that boat?"


"Crumpet crumpet mega thrust earthquake cheeky nandos"

-C.S. in a British accent

"It fucking teleported"

-C.S. when she lost her lunchbox

"It's so soft"

-C.S. while stroking M.C.'s eye

"You know what's a good band name? Mega thrust earthquake"


"I am being loved"

-M.C. while being repeatedly poked in the face with a pencil by C.S.

"Seduction occurs when the ocean floor moves"

-S.G. (Second science teacher)

"Lunch is a sacred time"

-J.H. at the mention of homework during lunch

"Flavors of volcano"

-S.G. (Second science teacher)

"This was a thrust-type earthquake. It was so big"

-S.G. (Second science teacher)


-S.G. (Second science teacher)

"How thick ya pull out game?"


"What didn't they have that caused the population to double?

-M.K. (History teacher) "Death!"-S.H.

"Can I just retire?"

-R.L. (Journalism teacher)

"Notre Dame is a real thing?!"


"Ooh, fleas on rats, fleas on rats"

-M.K. (History teacher), to the tune of Hollaback Girl

"This plague is bubonic. B-U-B-O-N-I-C"

-M.K. (History teacher), to the tune of Hollaback Girl

"She's Leo and I'm Pisces. It's weird. We don't get along"

-Some White Girl

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