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My Friends

by _emotrash_

Memories are strewn across the floor They are not mine I do not own them They are the lives of others People I know and love so dearly I can look at the photo negative clips

And feel a fire burning in me The girl made of flame She calls to me from the picture She screams for help As her father grabs her harshly by the arm And bellows obscenities, slurring

And throwing things The girl, barely a flicker A tiny, smoldering ash Crying as she buries and hides away What is left of herself The girl made of laughter She grins and giggles

But underneath there is something more Sadness, and a pain so hidden You almost miss it when you look But it is there And it is oh, so strong The brightest light you’ve ever seen

The darkness night you’ve ever felt Tear away her smiles And there is a lonely heart Longing for a sense of family See the scars on her wrists Tiny slashes of broken promises

Lost in a sea of wishes She’s never said aloud The boy behind the screen His controller is his control He clings to it like a lifeline As he drowns in reality His face begs for me

As his mother’s shouts fill the air His brother’s taunts singe his skin Just like his mother’s cigarettes Seeping into his clothes Seeping into his life Until he becomes smoke Lost on the wind

The boy of jest He jokes and chuckles And tells me he wants to die And his face betrays nothing So I can never quite tell If he means it He is a mystery A question mark drawn in red ink

Or is it really ink at all? The girl of stories Her voice fills my ears She talks and talks And sometimes she says things And sometimes she fills empty space With empty words

Yet I cling to them all Searching for more hints Of the lonely girl Who sticks out like a sore thumb In a community that once loved her But turned against her long ago

And her face, it looks so sad Quickly hidden with a smile But we all see the tears The red heat on her cheeks As she tries to hide her pain And the girl of secrets Of secret pain and secret loss

Tells me whispers of things So many memories she has Past love or new, burning bright But everything is secret And everything is quiet Like her whole life is something

That no one is supposed to know As she softly tells me About the boy she used to know Or the girl who hurt her so Or the one she longs for still But will never tell Or the best friend she loves

So, so desperately But she whispers to me That she’s over it That it’s not important anymore But not to tell My friends How I wish I could help them Why can’t you save anybody? Well, that's easy

No one wants to be saved No one wants you to see their pain So they hide it away A quiet, secret thing A smile and tear-filled eyes A laugh, broken and bitter A sudden silence A hard stare

But forever denial That it was ever really there

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