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_emotrash_ Community member
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This is about Seblaine again (sigh) but it's a song I wrote at midnight so here you go (it doesn't really rhyme)

Good Intentions

by _emotrash_

All my life I lived in the slow lane

Always took my time just playing it safe

Then I met a bad boy with good intentions

He could make my heart race

He leaned in close and whispered to me

That bashfulness would get me everywhere

That if I asked I could have him anywhere

He could make me blush so fast

Back then I didn't think it would ever last

Knew he would get what he wanted then run away from me

But that boy surprised me

By falling in love falling in love falling in love

By falling in love falling in love falling in love with me

Then one night so far from now

When he finally knew deep down

He panicked and chased after me

Saying it was all fun and games but now I need you

Saying I'll leave if you want I get it I do

And I said please don't go

Stay with me

I'm all alone

That bad boy looked at me with such good intentions

He looked into my eyes and realized too late that kindness

Was contagious. That bad boy had such great intentions

That bad boy became so good because of his intentions

I fell in love with a boy with nothing but bad intentions

Then he tripped and fell too and now he looks at me with

Such good intentions. That bad boy of mine has such good intentions

That good man of mine has such great intentions

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