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_doc_ Not impossible. Just hard.
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Get your brain thinking. Comment if some of these questions made you think twice.

Think Twice

Why does a round pizza always come in a square box?

Why do your lips not touch when you say the word 'touch', but they touch when you say the word 'separated'?

If consciousness ends at the moment of your death, do you know you've died?

If the universe continues to expand.. what does it expand into?

Since time is a human construction... does it really exist?

Is it generally harder to solve a problem or let go of a problem?

If you were your own best friend.. would you be kinder to yourself?

Does your pet think when your not around?

If you one day reincarnated into another person, would you know it was you?

Since the best things in life are free.. is there any reason to purchase stuff?

Can two people experience the exact same thing at the exact same moment?

- Doc

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