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_deepthoughtz_ Pouring my soul out.
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Something I found written to myself when I was 16. I was not much of a writer or a poet back then so this is just something I did to play around with words and the thoughts I was having at that time. Honestly, the me back then was much happier and lighter to be around so coming up with serious, deep lines like the ones above really surprises me. Guess I just had to imagine a world full of darkness and negativity.


Playing. Playing in the park.

Dancing. Dancing in the dark.

Running. Running round and round.

Sleeping. Sleeping so I don't make a sound

Escaping. Escaping reality and real life.

Dreaming. Dreaming of the adventures occurring outside.

Wondering. Wondering whether I could climb a tree so high.

Climbing. Climbing to my heart's delight.

Holding. Holding onto mum and dad.

Crying. Crying, I don't want to go.

Thinking. Thinking - this is something new.

Beginning. Beginning to grow.

Growing. It's too soon.

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