Things that are fucked up- Part 1
Things that are fucked up- Part 1 @soft_rock_boy stories

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Things that are fucked up- Part 1 (Unlisted, just now finished and published because of life)

Things that are fucked up- Part 1

1. Man's girlfriend's 8 year old son was tortured to death because he thought he was gay. A better headline is: An 8 year old thought to be gay was murdered by grown man. I don't even have to explain why this is wrong; it says it all.

2. 90 year old Florida man was arrested for feeding the homeless. What the fuck? He was feeding the people your government can't! Wait, that's not right. The government CAN feed the homeless for many years and still have a whole lot of money left over for everyone else in the world who needs it.

3. Two Syrian children that had mistake a camera for a weapon. First of all, why would the two believe they NEED a weapon in the first place?? Second of all, why were they compelled to find a weapon? And third, why is no one talking about these kids who thought they needed to find a weapon because they needed it?

4. Husband rapist gets zero prison time VS Teen faces life in prison for pot brownies. Excuse my major French but, What the absolute dog shit is this? What in the goddamn shitty factory is this supposed to tell me about this world? 'Cause I've seen plenty of bad things to believe this world is majorly fucked up to no point of end.

5. "Teenagers shouldn't be involved in politics!" Oh so when you say you want teenagers to understand and be more mature, they are more mature and understand what's going on better than you. But when you know this, you say they 'shouldn't be involved in politics'? I think you need that checked.

5. (Continued) Religion involved in the government and men being involved in women's healthcare. Religion shouldn't even have to be put down as a law for people to understand it's theirs and they are allowed to be any way they please, they are allowed to practice their religion without having to be told by a 'law' that doesn't even work more than half the time.

5. (Finished) Men being involved in women's healthcare. Are we talking about women having to wait for a man's permission to give birth or are we talking about women having to buy pads/tampons and other necessities that are an important part of them growing up? Because we can talk about it, both of it. (I have two sisters, I know about this.)

6. This post. It says all it needs to.

7. This post says it all too.

8. Says it all.

9. Let this sink in for a moment.

10. There is a person alive whose parent was a slave. Let that sink in.

11. *inhales*


13. Why is this our school system?

14. For speaking up about her sexual assault, McKayla Maroney is facing a $100, 000 fine. Why? She spoke up and this is what happened. It took guts and courage to speak up and, this is what our government does?

15. Meredith Hight filed for divorce on her husband in July. Last night he fatally shot her and seven of her friends. What is wrong with the people of this world?

16. "I need feminism because society teaches us 'Don't get raped' rather than 'Don't rape'." This is one of the big messed up things I've been seeing so much of lately and I highly am pissed off at this. It's more sad because it's true.

17. Game reviewer received rape threats from boys, contacted their mothers. Let this sink in for all people out there: There are people who have to deal with this and I am not okay with it. Thanks.

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