Me and @yandere_kiri’s best friend tag/marry, kiss or kill challenge~
Me and @yandere_kiri’s best friend tag/marry, kiss or kill challenge~ best friend tag stories
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_dark_pikabolt_ Denki Kaminari-Todoroki
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(More explained) Me and @yandere_kiri’s best friend tag/marry, kiss or kill challenge~

Me and @yandere_kiri’s best friend tag/marry, kiss or kill challenge~

@yandere_kiri: Would you rather kiss, marry or kill Mineta? Me: Oh definitely kill @yandere_kiri: Lol same

Me: Okay, would you rather kiss, marry or kill Toga? @yandere_kiri: Damn, that's a tough one.... I'd kiss Toga, she's too cool to kill Me: I would too but on the cheek as I think of her as a sister

@yandere_kiri: Okay, uuuuuuum.... Ooh~! Here's a good one! Would you rather kiss, marry or kill Mr. Aizawa? Me: Ooooh man, that's a tough one.... Uhhh Me: He's too awesome to kill and everyone would hate me more for it, I would definitely never forgive myself if I were to kill Mr. Aizawa

Me: So I guess kiss but like on the cheek because I have Shinso, I don't want him threatening to throw his dad somewhere @yandere_kiri: Same, I would never kiss anyone on the lips other than Todoroki Me: Agreed, I as well would never kiss anyone on the lips other than Shinso

@yandere_kiri: Which one of us is most likely to get arrested? Me: Me Me: 100% Me: 200% actually @yandere_kiri: True, which one of us is most likely to pick up someone's dog and run away with it?

Me: I've been arrested before but I duked 'em so like, they only remember me in my old villain costume I never used after that XD Me: You would ask for my help and we would pick up more than one dog @yandere_kiri: True, ooh~! I just got an idea

Me: But if you were alone, or ran off to pick up a dog and met back up with me, I wouldn't question it. I'd just ask to pet the dog @yandere_kiri: And no we're not going out and stealing dogs Me: Awww man

@yandere_kiri: I don’t have any idea what to post and we’re both bored, so let’s do the best friend tag! Me: :O @yandere_kiri: I'll ask a bunch of questions and we'll both answer them, then we can go and make a post about it Me: Oooh sounds cool

@yandere_kiri: Who is up first in the morning? Me: Do you mean in the LOV or me and Shinso? Me: Because I'm up before Shinso and the LOV, me and Dabi have a streak of waking up early together. We made up a secret handshake when we do, it's fun @yandere_kiri: In the LOV

Me: Okay, so Dabi wakes up more early than me on most days than I do before him @yandere_kiri: For me I’m almost always the first one up, but I do take lots of naps Kiri: Okay, these questions will test our friendship and how much we know about each other

Me: I wish I could :I I can never take a nap unless extremely tired or someone drugs me. It's happened :/ Me: Okay Kiri: What is your best friend's full name? Kiri: Denki Kaminari Me: Eijiro Kirishima

Kiri: Where was your best friend born? Kiri: Japan Me: Japan, Kanto region because you were born in the Chiba Prefecture Kiri: Wow, you actually remembered that?

Me: I remember the weirdest details :/ You wouldn't believe me but I know all 100 digits of pi, all the 50 states and other random stuff Kiri: Wow Kiri: What's your best friend's birthday? Me: October 16

Kiri: June 29th Kiri: What's your best friend's favorite food? Kiri: Hamburgers Me: Meat lol Kiri: But really your favorite food is anything that’s trending at the moment

Me: True Kiri: What is your best friend's favorite color? Kiri: Yellow Me: Red Kiri: What is the name of your best friends first girlfriend/boyfriend?

Kiri: Hitoshi Shinso Me: Shoto Todoroki Kiri: No actually Kiri: It was Katsuki Bakugou Me: Oh true, I kinda forgot because I'm concerned over Kurogiri rn

Me: He's been staring at the wall for a half hour Me: I asked him if he was okay and it took him five minutes to answer Kiri: Oop- I'm sure he's fine Me: He said no Kiri: Okay nevermind

Me: Be right back, I gotta ask him what's up and fix it, sorry bro Kiri: No problem bro Me: I told Mr. Aizawa what Kurogiri said and how he was acting and he's planning a day for them to meet up. So at least he's talking to Mr. Aizawa about a day together instead of staring at the wall for more than half an hour

Kiri: Okay, wanna continue the best friend tag? Me: Yeah, sure Kiri: Does your Kiri: Fuck wait Me: Lmao Kiri: Does your best friend have any scars?

Kiri: No Me: We have to be truthful about what we say when we answer, right Kiri: Oh, if we’re talking emotional scars than yeah you do have those Kiri: But I was thinking for physical scars, anyways what’s your answer?

Me: No Kiri: That’s wrong, when I was three years old, I woke up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. When I rubbed my eye, my Hardening Quirk manifested for the first time. This made my hand harden and caused me to cut myself, which left a scar on my right eye.

Me: Yeah, I'm definitely sleep deprived, I can't think right about nothing Me: All I know is these dogs are cute Kiri: Yes :3 Me: :3 UwU

Me: I was distracted by dogs and trying to tell Kurogiri no to printing more certificates because he has enough that I accidently told you no too, like damn, maybe you right: I do need sleep but I still ain't getting it :p Kiri: S L E E P Me: N O

Kiri: Y E S Me: N O Kiri: I W I L L T E L L S H I N S O Me: P L E A S E D O N ' T Kiri: T H E N S L E E P Me: N O

Kiri: I’ M T E L L I N G S H I N S O Me: I ' M N O T T I R E D, I ' M P A S T T I R E D A N D O N T H E B O R D E R L I N E OF NO S L E E P, I T ' S A N E W R E C O R D Me: P L E A S E N O

Me: I D O N ' T N E E D S L E E P, I W O R K P E R F E C T L Y O N A D R E N A L I N E Kiri: I W I L L S T E P O N Y O U Me: D O N ' T S T E P O N M E P L E A SE Kiri: T H E N S L E E P Me: N O

Kiri: Y O U R A T Me: W H A T D O E S T H A T E V E N M E A N Me: H O W A M I A R A T Kiri: Y O U J U S T A R E Me: >:O

Me: A M I A N U G L Y R A T B E C A U S E T H A T W O U L D M A K E M O R E S E N S E Kiri: N O Y O U A R E A R A T C A U S E R A T S A R E C O O L Me: F I N E T H E N Kiri: B R O Me: W H A T B R O

Kiri: I L O VE Y O U B R O Me: B R O Me : I L O V E Y O U T O O Kiri: :0 B R O- Me: :0 Me: Y E A H BR O?

Kiri: W E A R E S O I N S Y N C Me: W E A R E Kiri: Y E E Now a random moment that happened an hour ago UwU Kiri: AAAAAAH Me: Bro, what's wrong?


Me: That. counter. will. pay. Kiri: :') Me: :) Kiri: Thanks bro Me: Ofc bro Kiri: :)

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