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_chocosta_I hope you’ll like my stories !!!
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This is just the intro ! Tell me if you like it !

Hey, so as you guessed, my name is Luna, and I am currently a sophomore in my orphanage, the St Ursula orphanage and ultra private board school. I guess I’m lucky to here.

Oh, and also, as it says in the picture, I’m quite...special. I am not really...human, by definition. I’m technically a nocturnian, which means I’m from another planet. It’s name ? You guessed it, Nocturnia.

Anyway, I’m still pretty new to this “ you’re an alien” thing...I mean, I’m maybe an orphan, but I guess i look normal...for an “alien”.

Well, except that I’m albinos, but, you know, it’s still pretty normal for a human. I just have some weird markings on me that appears once in a while. I believe it’s emotionally linked to my brain or something.

Oh, and I have my “twin” sister following me everywhere, except I’m the only who can see her here. I mean, I thinks it as to do with the fact that my eyes can see the ultraviolet rays for some reason, and that you can only see her through those or something...

And she can levitate, because, you know, why not, right ?

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