*- Random Thoughts of Me -* (feat. Etho) "Hello!" '\ (UvU) /' (This is Etho) ^
*- Random Thoughts of Me -*

(feat. Etho)

                             '\ (UvU) /'   

               (This is Etho) ^ thoughts stories

_cardinal_ ~≼ ヤコブ ≽~#5897 (Discord)
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Random Thought of Me (with my buddy Etho)

*- Random Thoughts of Me -* (feat. Etho) "Hello!" '\ (UvU) /' (This is Etho) ^

If I could become famous from singing, would I? "Yep-" _(+^+)_

Do animals understand humans by what they say or is it more how they act? *woof!* ["So CUTE!"] ^ ^ ( * u * )

Why DID the chicken cross the road? "I never thought of it that way!" '(OvO)'

I wonder how many people will read this-

Why do people type things like "lol" or "ttyl"? Doesn't that seem redundant? lol *hehe* "ikr lol" (^<^)"

Why is it so hard to think of thoughts when I try to, but when I don't try (like when I am SLEEPING for f's sake!) random, unhelpful thoughts love nothing more than to wake me up? "I officially hate insomnia...." (=_=) zZ*

Am I weird or am I just different? "I think you're awesome!" _(UwU)/'

Heh, thanks Etho- "Never a problem!" *( ^v*)_

What happens when a meteor in space explodes?

Will flying cars exist in my lifetime? "I HOPE SO!" \(OoO)/

What happens to me when I die? Do I stay here on earth or go somewhere?

If newtons laws are true, would the earth shift if everyone went to one side of the world and just jumped at the same time? "Really..? That's you plan for world domination?" _( <. <)'_

Why do I learn such hard subjects in school when I KNOW that I will never need to use Trig to determine what button to press to pay bills? "I think I just got hit in the face with math..." . - . (* <*)

If there were no Mosquitos on earth, how many people would not have gotten sick in Africa? "Nonono.. NO MOSQUITOS!" _'\ (>~<) /'_ ' ./ [ ] \. '

What did I eat for breakfast this morning? Did I eat breakfast..?

Thank you everyone who read this! Y'all are amazing!!! Please give this post a shoutout and enjoy! *Woo Hoo* '\(^3^)/' "Heck yes they are!" Let me know if you want more random thoughts! Bai! _(* <*)/' "Bai!"

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