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_blackwardrobe_ lost but free
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I fell in love with the devil
I was lied to, cheated on and used.
It's in sections.

Help me escape

Sipping on this sweet drink called peace, taking a second to breathe. Inhale; exhale wondering what life could and would be if you were here with me.

Did you think of me? Was it meant to be? You’ll never understand how much you meant to me. I gave you every inch of me, from head to toe to my mind and soul.

But you only gave me the parts you wanted me to see…

I inhale your breathe and you exhale mine. With the roughest of hands you touched me gently down my spine. Pinned in my demand you learn to take control with our safe word being “NO."

The limit did not exist. I still remember our first kiss. Leaning you before I learned me. Touching you how I wish you touched me. Wishing you loved me how I loved you.

Under some enchanted spell, for which I cant smell. I’m lost in your gaze you continue to persuade, with lies like highs I’d masked the pain until the day we die.

...... I knew you before you know me. Instead of being with you he was with me. His lips covered in gloss I brushed it off. Holding him and you smell my perfume.

Always on his phone, talking slow, and kissing you before he goes. He let me know… I know… I am exposed to everything you do. All you show him he showed me. The gifts he bought you I helped him choose. Wishing you knew…

Its picture day and I forget to show up… I lied I was pushed to the back of the line I was the girl I preached not to be. I let myself be pushed.

I let him dominate me without having to hold my arms down. I waited, I just waited. I watched as he was slowly being broken. Falling to the ground, he hit it hard. He crashed like a rocket.

He couldn’t figure out how to stand up. He stayed down and looked around. Saw my feet and tugged at me, until I fell back down to my knees. He started kissing me as if he really missed me.

He missed me. He did he told me. He told me he wont hurt me again. He told me he loves me. . WE LOVE EACH OTHER .

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